Monday, December 27, 2010

IOptoSS Planning!

Hi guys,

We plan to have some activities for this semester other than our Grand Dinner.

Optometry Visit

1) I-Gel, Kepong = target participants - Year 4 and year 3
2) Hoya Lens, Kepong = target participants - Year 2 and year 1

Optometry Care

1) Eye Screening
2) Autism Center

Friday, December 10, 2010

Announcement for Year 2


Please be informed that there will be a briefing/meeting with Bro. Hafidz. The details are as below:

Date / Day : 13 December 2010 / Monday
Time : 8.30 am
Venue : Optometry Lecture Room, Level 5
Agenda : Briefing on BV class.

Your attendance is compulsary.


From Bro. syazwan:

'Please take your first lab manual for Ophthalmic Optic and Dispensing lab in second year pigeon hole/box at level five. There is only one copy, pleases ask your class rep. to copy it for everyone. Do read it before lab session starts.'


'IOptoSS, your one-stop-site for latest information'

Academic Timetable for Sem. 2, 2010/2011 Session

Assalammualaikum frens,

Welcome back to the campus!

Currently, only timetable for week one is available. We'll update later once the full timetable is ready.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3Year 4

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Non Accommodative ET

Let me tell you how we can manage non-accommodative esotropia (ET). Well, the approach in managing patient with non-accommodative ET may differ according to the case. Here are some useful guideline for you.


  • ET same for N and D
  • No improvement with plus correction.
  • Normal AC/A ratio
  • Amblyopia is common
  • Onset: 2 years of age - even in late adulthood.
  • BSV is weak
  • Full duction

Differential diagnosis

  • Breakdown of an esophoria (most common)
  • 6th nerve paresis
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Tyroid eye disease.


  • Conservative treatments such as vergence therapy, prism are usually not effective
  • Surgery is required: bilateral medial rectus recession

*it is not that easy to treat this kind of patient, after the strabismus surgery, patient might end up with diplopia. So, what should we do? Comment and share your opinion.

source: Miss Melanie Yeoh, orthoptist.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Belajar secara berterusan, implikasi kepada mata anda.

Selalu dalam status laman fesbuk, org citer pasal study 3 jam non stop, study tengah2 malam, study sambil main fesbuk, study sambil baring atas katil dan mcm2 style lagi la.

Kamu mgkin tak perasan, membaca @ study @ fokus pada aktivit-aktiviti dekat tanpa rehatkan mata boleh wat power mata korg naik. Tp ini untuk kes kanak-kanak la, untuk dewasa mungkin kurang berkesan.

Implikasi membaca tanpa henti ni leh sebabkan kamu pening terutama area dahi (temporal) dan kepala bhgn tepi (temporal). Ini sebab mata terlebih guna atau terlebih akomodasi. Jadi tak hairan la kalo korg pening time study lama2, bukan otak xle nak absorb, tapi mata kamu dah x leh nak terima guys!. Penat. Masalah ini akan lebih teruk untuk org yang mmg dah ada masalah untuk fokus dekat lama-lama sebelum ni. Bila baca lama2, huruf dalam buku tu jadi double, pening, cara baik nak hilangkan diorg pun tido. Akhirnya x study la malam tu.

Jadi apa yang perlu kamu buat? Baca post ini... pasal visual hygiene. Ambik mana yg anda bleh apply. Ingat study tu study jugak, tapi kalo asyik pening je mmg susuah ar nak masuk.
Good luck semua, IOptoSS

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eye Screening Programme @ UMP

We just received a letter from UMP inviting us to hold an eye screening programme during Symposium in Biotechnology 2010 (Symbion 2010).

The details of the screening programme are as below:

Date/Day : 18th October 2010/Monday
Venue : Block W, UMP
Time : 8.00 am - 5.oo pm

Not merely eye screening, we will be having an exhibition as well.

The HOD has decided to make it compulsory to all final years students to involve into this programme. They will be grouped into two. The first group will go for the first session (8.00 am - 12.30 pm), while the other one will start from 12.30 pm until 5.00 pm (2nd session).

There are three vacant seats to be occupied by other batches (year 1 - year 3). Two seats for morning session and one seat for the evening session. For those who are interested to join this programme. Please contact Br. Azuwan latest by this thursday.

'we learn from others, their experience'

Monday, October 11, 2010

Opto Stall and Exhibition: Our Initiative


The IOptoSS would like to congratulate all 2nd and 1st year optometry students for managing our exhibition and stall during IKOD 2010, till the end. Even though we were lacking committees, but we're still able to make it a success. Yes, our teamwork did make it real.

Opto Stall - Lucrative business. It's worth to invest into this project with you guys. Great effort!

Optometry Exhibition - Not enough materials for exhibition doesn't mean that we can't convey the message to the public well! You've just proved it wrong.

3rd year and final year students: We do believe, without your support, it means nothing. Thanks a lot

Lets continue this in the next IKOD..yeah!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visual Hygiene: What for?

Hi everyone!

Previously, we has discussed on how near work can induce myopia. Have a look at this again. Clinicians have long recognised that sustained periods of near work tend to induce myopia in susceptible individuals. Many researches suggest that accommodation plays a critical role in the progession of myopia.

Can we actually control the progression of myopia? Yes, sure!

There are few alternatives that practitioners or you can do beside using optical form of therapy. Try this, Visual Hygiene.
Visual hygiene is simply to say an activity that one person can do to relax his accommodation, so that the myopia is controlled.
Reading and writing activities at the distance from mid-knuckle to elbow, estimated by placing an elbow on the table surface and resting the chin in the palm of that hand
.Reading and writing on slant board at a 20 degree of angle.

Nonglare source of lighting and good posture. Please don't read while lying on bed!

Computer screen viewing at 16-30 inches (40-75cm)

Computer screen viewing angle 10-20 degree downward.

15 minutes break for each hour of computer use.

20/20 rule: Shift to distance fixation for >20 seconds every 20 minutes

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

IOptoSS @ IKOD 2010

Hey guys!

IIUM Kuantan Open Day 2010 is coming! IOptoSS will involve in the department exhibition and bazaar (stall). Let us make some noise! Yahoo......

Well, you sure don't want to miss this right? Our exhibition booth will be at the Medicine Square, Kulliyyah of Medicine staring from evening 8th October 2010 until 10th October 2010.

We plan to have free eyes screening and consultation, video show, contact lens demontration and some more! Our stall will serve you lot of mouth watering foods. Come and join us.

Examination Timetable

Research Proposal Presentation

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Final Exam. Here we are!

End semester examination is just around the corner guys. The timetable is now available at the department notice board. That one is the final one.

To second year students, you will have your clinical examination soon. Be prepared, good luck!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clinical Year

The clinical year is not that difficult guys, it is indeed a time for you to excel! Beat the rest!

-IIUM 26th Convocation-

Congratulations to our 3rd batch optometry students, definitely awesome!

Br. Radzi, Br. Hasbi, Br. Zul, Sr. Sab, Sr. Abu, Sr. Didi, Sr. Rara, Sr. Asma, Sr. Ain, Sr. Muni, Sr. Shafiah, Sr. Adilah, Sr. Syazana

Award winner

'Best student (academic) for Bachelor of Optometry'

Nurul Ain binti Yahaya

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Contact Lens Seminar @ UKM on December 2010

Just pay RM50 to join this seminar.
Grab this chance while your are still undergraduate, it's worth to be in!

The IOptoSS urge all IIUM Optometry students and academicians to participate in the 'Contact Lens Care Seminar' which will be held on 8th December 2010. To the final year students, we may request for the day to be free from any classes, if necessary.

'Joining seminar aids you to think more, gain knowledge even better than a full day of lecture in classroom'

Welcome back guys!

Assalammualiakum and salam aidilfitri,

The eid break is over now. Lot of things need to be settled before the classes start. For those whose have to submit bundle of assignments, good luck! Perhaps you need to stay up this weekend.

Anyway, sorry for not updating this blog for bout 2 weeks. Raya kot!

Looking forward to see you again

Thursday, September 2, 2010

IOPTOSS Dedication for RAYA.

A)Aidilfitri Wishes Choc
Size 15cm x 15cm
Special - Receiver name will be written on the choc
RM 15.00

B)3 ketupat praline saiz S
RM 2.00

(ada praline untuk setiap huruf)
RM 5.50

D)15pcs ketupat praline saiz S + bekas kuih kaca
RM 12.00

E)Oreo choc 2 pcs ( FREN 4 EVA)
RM 5.00

F)Oreo choc 2 pcs (UKHWAH FILLAH)
RM 5.00

(huruf I dan U tu single word, takde praline)
RM 2.00

H)3 pcs jambangan rose (oren)
RM 5.50

For those who are interested to dedicate to any of your IIUM lecturers, staffs or students or to yourself, do SMS

(code)(quantity)(name of receiver)(details of receiver/hp num/ mahallah-room num)(greeting)

eg: G 2 maria 012-*******/ T3-1.1 Selamat hari raya=)

TO KAMILA 017- 762 5262

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hari Raya , Kak Ilya!


Our department received a Hari Raya postcard from Sr. Ilya, don’t know how long it is hanged on the opto board at the ‘old clinic’. I post it here, so that everyone can read it. She is now pursuing her study at University of New South Wales, Australia and is expected to come back to Malaysia on December 2010 or January 2011, Insya-Allah. ‘Good Luck!

For sure, all first year students might not know her, she will be your lecturer soon. ‘yang garang plak tu’..haha… not really, she is friendly.

Thanks Sr. Ilya for the postcard, it’s such a great pleasure to hear it from you. Ingat dah lupa Malaysia, sebab kawan dengan kanggaru je.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. We’ll post lemang and dodol later!

we dedicate this song to you ' -Dendang Perantau

Family comes First - Have a safe Journey!

Here we are, celebrating Ramadhan together, no all.
Day 22, Ramadhan 1431

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salam Kemerdekaan


Kita mencari hanya yang tulen dan jati
sekadar hidup mengerti dan berbudi
dan bumi akan subur, makmur dan mewah
jika kita bekerja dan berikrar hidup bersama

tanah air memberi banyak
mesra mendakap kita
kemerdekaan mendorong kita berdiri dan berbakti
dan dalam alaf baru
semangat kita wajar padu berjalan kita
atas nama tanah air dan bangsa
bangga kerana merdeka
megah kerana bahagia.

A. Samad Said

Monday, August 30, 2010

IIUM Optometry Clinic: At glance

Vision and Mission

Main Entrance

Reception Counter
Patients Waiting Area 1

15 Consultation Room (including Pediatric Consultation Room)
-no queue is necessary-

Patients Waiting Area 2

Patients Waiting Area 3
-comfortable..isn't it?-
HOYA Simulation Center

-Real Experience on Progressive Addition Lenses, just like home-
-Not merely on visualisation, it must be practical!-
Varilux Experience

Ophthalmic Dispensary
-automated dispensing machine, for the best spectacle quality and patients satisfaction-

Look into it

Wide range of Spectacle Frames and Contact Lens Modalities for you to choose

Contact Lenses Verification
-we'll make sure the contact lenses delivered are in good condition and suit patients eyes-
Grand Seiko Binocular Autorefractor
-machine-reading error is minimized-
Oculus Pentacam
-it measures your corneal thickness and more, precisely-

Nidex Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera
-without dilating drug, high resolution retina images can be captured and analyzed-

Corneal Topographer and Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer
-your corneal contour and visual field are possible to be monitored, accurately-
Peili-Robson and FACT Contrast Sensitivity Chart
-your eyes may see letters like others but they may not in same contrast-
Consultation Room
-we make it condusive and welcoming, professional approach-
-eye examination procedures wouldn't take longer time than before-
'We put 'I care' in the Eye Care'