Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visual Hygiene: What for?

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Previously, we has discussed on how near work can induce myopia. Have a look at this again. Clinicians have long recognised that sustained periods of near work tend to induce myopia in susceptible individuals. Many researches suggest that accommodation plays a critical role in the progession of myopia.

Can we actually control the progression of myopia? Yes, sure!

There are few alternatives that practitioners or you can do beside using optical form of therapy. Try this, Visual Hygiene.
Visual hygiene is simply to say an activity that one person can do to relax his accommodation, so that the myopia is controlled.
Reading and writing activities at the distance from mid-knuckle to elbow, estimated by placing an elbow on the table surface and resting the chin in the palm of that hand
.Reading and writing on slant board at a 20 degree of angle.

Nonglare source of lighting and good posture. Please don't read while lying on bed!

Computer screen viewing at 16-30 inches (40-75cm)

Computer screen viewing angle 10-20 degree downward.

15 minutes break for each hour of computer use.

20/20 rule: Shift to distance fixation for >20 seconds every 20 minutes

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