Monday, August 30, 2010

IIUM Optometry Clinic: At glance

Vision and Mission

Main Entrance

Reception Counter
Patients Waiting Area 1

15 Consultation Room (including Pediatric Consultation Room)
-no queue is necessary-

Patients Waiting Area 2

Patients Waiting Area 3
-comfortable..isn't it?-
HOYA Simulation Center

-Real Experience on Progressive Addition Lenses, just like home-
-Not merely on visualisation, it must be practical!-
Varilux Experience

Ophthalmic Dispensary
-automated dispensing machine, for the best spectacle quality and patients satisfaction-

Look into it

Wide range of Spectacle Frames and Contact Lens Modalities for you to choose

Contact Lenses Verification
-we'll make sure the contact lenses delivered are in good condition and suit patients eyes-
Grand Seiko Binocular Autorefractor
-machine-reading error is minimized-
Oculus Pentacam
-it measures your corneal thickness and more, precisely-

Nidex Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera
-without dilating drug, high resolution retina images can be captured and analyzed-

Corneal Topographer and Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer
-your corneal contour and visual field are possible to be monitored, accurately-
Peili-Robson and FACT Contrast Sensitivity Chart
-your eyes may see letters like others but they may not in same contrast-
Consultation Room
-we make it condusive and welcoming, professional approach-
-eye examination procedures wouldn't take longer time than before-
'We put 'I care' in the Eye Care'


  1. Menarik! macam mana nak pegi klinik ni? ada contact no x?

  2. mana gambar bilik Biru?perlu diletakkan jugak tu

  3. khairul: Tq, nanti kami akan letak peta ke klinik kami, klinik ni duk seberang jalan dgn kuantan parade.

    br. Muzi: nanti sy letak, lupa td

  4. syabas atas pembukaan klinik opto UIA...!

  5. changgeh!!!!
    uuuu...xpenah p lagi...

  6. perfect!!..gudlak juniors ku

  7. Operating hour die mcm mne? Boleh dtg pkul bpe?