Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clinical Year

The clinical year is not that difficult guys, it is indeed a time for you to excel! Beat the rest!

-IIUM 26th Convocation-

Congratulations to our 3rd batch optometry students, definitely awesome!

Br. Radzi, Br. Hasbi, Br. Zul, Sr. Sab, Sr. Abu, Sr. Didi, Sr. Rara, Sr. Asma, Sr. Ain, Sr. Muni, Sr. Shafiah, Sr. Adilah, Sr. Syazana

Award winner

'Best student (academic) for Bachelor of Optometry'

Nurul Ain binti Yahaya

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Contact Lens Seminar @ UKM on December 2010

Just pay RM50 to join this seminar.
Grab this chance while your are still undergraduate, it's worth to be in!

The IOptoSS urge all IIUM Optometry students and academicians to participate in the 'Contact Lens Care Seminar' which will be held on 8th December 2010. To the final year students, we may request for the day to be free from any classes, if necessary.

'Joining seminar aids you to think more, gain knowledge even better than a full day of lecture in classroom'

Welcome back guys!

Assalammualiakum and salam aidilfitri,

The eid break is over now. Lot of things need to be settled before the classes start. For those whose have to submit bundle of assignments, good luck! Perhaps you need to stay up this weekend.

Anyway, sorry for not updating this blog for bout 2 weeks. Raya kot!

Looking forward to see you again

Thursday, September 2, 2010

IOPTOSS Dedication for RAYA.

A)Aidilfitri Wishes Choc
Size 15cm x 15cm
Special - Receiver name will be written on the choc
RM 15.00

B)3 ketupat praline saiz S
RM 2.00

(ada praline untuk setiap huruf)
RM 5.50

D)15pcs ketupat praline saiz S + bekas kuih kaca
RM 12.00

E)Oreo choc 2 pcs ( FREN 4 EVA)
RM 5.00

F)Oreo choc 2 pcs (UKHWAH FILLAH)
RM 5.00

(huruf I dan U tu single word, takde praline)
RM 2.00

H)3 pcs jambangan rose (oren)
RM 5.50

For those who are interested to dedicate to any of your IIUM lecturers, staffs or students or to yourself, do SMS

(code)(quantity)(name of receiver)(details of receiver/hp num/ mahallah-room num)(greeting)

eg: G 2 maria 012-*******/ T3-1.1 Selamat hari raya=)

TO KAMILA 017- 762 5262

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hari Raya , Kak Ilya!


Our department received a Hari Raya postcard from Sr. Ilya, don’t know how long it is hanged on the opto board at the ‘old clinic’. I post it here, so that everyone can read it. She is now pursuing her study at University of New South Wales, Australia and is expected to come back to Malaysia on December 2010 or January 2011, Insya-Allah. ‘Good Luck!

For sure, all first year students might not know her, she will be your lecturer soon. ‘yang garang plak tu’..haha… not really, she is friendly.

Thanks Sr. Ilya for the postcard, it’s such a great pleasure to hear it from you. Ingat dah lupa Malaysia, sebab kawan dengan kanggaru je.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. We’ll post lemang and dodol later!

we dedicate this song to you ' -Dendang Perantau

Family comes First - Have a safe Journey!

Here we are, celebrating Ramadhan together, no all.
Day 22, Ramadhan 1431