Friday, August 27, 2010

Myopia Control: Is it possible to do so? (Part 1)

These are some useful informations that we can share from the 3rd ASEAN Optometric Conference 2010

  1. The progression of refractive error in one person is contributed by two major factors: Nature & Nuture.
  2. It is said that minus lense leads eye to grow longer while plus lense will reduce the growth. Reduced growth?
  3. Peripheral Defocus cause myopia to progress in children.

Contribution of Myopia Progression
  • Sustained near vison tasks - When we do intense near tasks without break, we are actually causing myopic far point to shift.
  • Frequent change in accommodation - Induced contraction of ciliary muscle leads to an elongation of the axial lenght of the eye ball.
  • Print size - Smaller the print size, more accommodation is needed to keep it clear on the retina.

So, what are the possible mechanism that we can do stop reduce the myopic progression? They said - Outdoor activities!

  • In a day light, we accommodate lesser as compared to dark room.
  • Our pupils are constricted in light, hence we can have greater depth of focus.

  • Dopamine and Vitamin D in sunlight seem to inhibit the eye growth in certain circumstances.

'The Eye Digest' stated that 'the progression of myopia in school children is slower during the summer holidays'. Is it true?

Journal for you to look up - 'The Influence of Study Habit on Myopia in Jewish Teenager' (Google it!)

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..............our next post will discuss more details on optometric approaches in controlling myopia......

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