Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Latent Hyperope: How to prescribe?

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Well, really don't know what suitable topic to be posted here. Emm...let us discuss on this topic. Latent hyperope.

Millodot defines latent hyperope in Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science as a portion of total hyperopia which is compensated for by the tonus of the ciliary muscle. It can be revealed wholly or partially by the use of a cycleplegic.

It is suspected when:
  • patients have an AA less then their expected age.

  • patients are esophoric at distance through the manifest plus refraction.

  • the results of the binocular balancing show considerably more plus than the monocular subjective refraction.

  • when static retinoscopy shows considerably more plus than the subjective refraction.

  • the patients' plus prescription does not reduce the patients' near symptoms, such as headache.

What should we do next?

....to be continued.....

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